Instant Scratch-Its Around the World survey reveals our desired holiday escapes!

While the world may be our oyster, when it comes to the global destination of choice for Australian adults, research released today by Instant Scratch-Its has found Europe is the flavour of the month.

Instant Scratch-Its asked more than 1,100 Australian adults what their dream holiday escape might look like if they won a top prize of $200,000 on Instant Scratch-Its newest ticket – the Around the World Game Book.

The research, conducted by ReachTEL, coincides with the launch of the Instant Scratch-Its Around the World Game Book ticket and explored where Aussies would travel to, who would they take as travel companions and the type of holiday experience they desire.

It revealed that the destination of choice for Aussie adults is Europe with more than one in three (35.7%) of those surveyed choosing to escape to Europe, followed by the United States of America (19.0%) and Australia (17.1%).

The Lott spokesperson Belinda McDougall said while Europe is steeped in history, those desiring a European vacation were more interested in having a relaxing holiday (31.7%) than taking an historical tour (19.8%).

“According to the survey, a relaxing holiday was the top holiday experience amongst those surveyed with more than one in three (38.6%) Aussie adults looking to escape the rat race and unwind and recharge, with a desire to experience a destination like a local on an immersive holiday the next most popular choice (20.2%),” Ms McDougall said.

“Of those who would chose to holiday in Australia, the majority (55.6%) would seek a relaxing holiday, while around one third (34.5%) of those who said they’d escape to Asia would chose an immersive holiday. 

“It’s not surprising to see survey respondents choosing a relaxing holiday, with 41.1% of the Generation X age group (35–50) desiring to truly get away from the daily grind. 

“While a relaxing holiday was the top choice in all the age groups, Millennials (18-34) were more inclined to take an immersive holiday (22.1%) than any other age group.”

Ms McDougall said when it came to deciding exactly who Aussies adults would like to take on their holiday escape, the survey revealed that more respondents put family first.

“Of those surveyed more than one third (39.3%) said they’d pack everyone up and go on a family holiday but only 8.1% of respondents said they would travel alone, however men (11%) were twice as likely as women (5.3%) to go solo,” Ms McDougall explained. 

“The next most popular choice of travel companion was ‘my partner’ with 31% of respondents putting their relationship to the test with a one-on-one holiday.

“Interestingly more men than women in the survey opted to holiday with just their partner with 37.5% of males choosing a trip for two compared to 24.9% of females!

“Of those who said they’d escape on an adventure holiday almost half (48.9%) would take their family, whereas of those seeking a food lovers holiday 47.8% would tantalise their tastebuds with their partner.” 

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