Adelaide scores two new X Lotto Superdraw millionaires!

The weekend’s $21 million X Lotto Superdraw has delivered two division one winning tickets to South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital of Adelaide each worth more than $1.9 Million – one to Adelaide’s western suburb of Brooklyn Park and the other to Adelaide’s inner-city suburbs.

Western suburbs woman’s win was written in the stars!

A woman in her 50s from the western suburbs of Adelaide received quite the surprise this morning when she received a phone call from SA Lotteries to break the dream-come-true news that she’d scored a $1.9 million X Lotto fortune!

As soon as the SA Lotteries official identified who was phoning, the winning woman confessed she knew exactly where the conversation would lead.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! How much? How much?” the woman excitedly quizzed as soon as she was told she was speaking with SA Lotteries.

“You’re kidding me! Okay! Thank you so much, I can’t believe this!

“This is brilliant news! I’ve been playing for years and I absolutely thought I would never win division one! I didn’t even check my ticket because I tend to take my time to pop it through the machine and this is the first time I’ve won something substantial!

“You know though funnily enough this was in my stars! Yesterday’s horoscope in the paper said you’re going to have a brilliant week financially and I had just this inkling so when my phone rang just then with an unknown number, I actually thought ‘Could it be? Don’t tell me!’

“So the first thing that comes to mind is I’ll be able to do a bit of travel!”

The overjoyed woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her division one winning 14-game QuickPick entry in Saturday’s Superdraw from Brooklyn Park Newsagency in the IGA Shopping Centre, 289 Henley Beach Road in Brooklyn Park.

Division one daze for Adelaide winner!

A woman from the inner suburbs of Adelaide has described her moment of ‘absolute elation’ when she circled all six numbers on her X Lotto ticket and realised she’d won a division one prize worth more than $1.9 million!

“Yay! It’s just excellent! I got the numbers out of the paper and I went through circling the numbers and when I got down to line sixteen I was circling like mad and I thought ‘oh this is rubbish’ but the next number came up and the next one after another!” the winning woman exclaimed.

“So sixteen heart attacks later… I was absolutely elated but I was convinced I’d looked at something wrong.

“My husband is now slightly bruised. He was still in bed asleep – I ran in beat him up, screaming ‘Guess what? We won!’ He honestly didn’t know what I was talking about – you know what you’re like when you just wake up, in a daze!

“It’s the best Sunday morning I’ve ever had!

“Funny thing was that on Saturday I was saying to my husband that we were due for a good lotto win – I even said surely we’ll pick up something!

“We’ve been plotting for years about what we’ll do when we win the lotto! We have been dreaming of building a new house but it’s been all too hard and what we wanted was out of our reach – but now it’s not! That’s all changed!

“The next thing on the agenda is a holiday – anywhere that’s not here would be perfect!”

The winning woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 25-game QuickPick entry online via - Australia’s official online lottery.

Superdraw millions spread across Australia!

The $21 Million Superdraw has delivered eleven division one wins across all the states of Australia with each first division prize worth $1,909,090.91!

Along with the two winning entries purchased in South Australia, there were five division one winning entries each sold in Victoria and one each sold in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia.

The winning numbers in X Lotto’s $21 Million Superdraw 3681 on Saturday 28 October 2016 were 33, 39, 20, 23, 42 and 15. The supplementary numbers were 36 and 22.

The Lott’s division one winning tally has reached 154 so far this financial year, including 11 from SA Lotteries.

More chances to win!

There are more chances to win big this week with Oz Lotto offering $5 million for Tuesday’s draw and Powerball has $3 million up for grabs on Thursday.

For your chance to win you can buy an entry at any SA Lotteries outlet or online via