Jump in to Gold Lotto's super-sized $21 million prize pool!

This Saturday 29 October is the last chance in 2016 for Saturday Gold Lotto players to share in a super-sized prize pool – more than five times larger than the weekly offer but with the same odds of winning!

With $21 Million on offer, there’s still time to play in a syndicate for the chance to share in the excitement ahead of the seventh and final Superdraw event of the year.

Saturday Gold Lotto spokesperson Claire Taylor said the coming weekend’s $21 million Superdraw was a special event not to be missed.

“The six Superdraws to date in 2016 have delivered 86 division one winning entries nationally who have shared in $125 million in division one prize money,” Ms Taylor explained.

“The average number of winning entries in a Superdraw event this year is less than 15, with each entry having won an average division one prize worth more than $1.5 million – so already in 2016 there’s been plenty of winners who have had their million dollar dreams come true!

“It comes as no surprise that eleven of the division one winning Superdraw entries this year have been won by store syndicates – the perfect way to share the cost of bigger entries to increase your chances of sharing in the winning feeling.

“In another example of syndicate success, a Hervey Bay family is already dreaming big after their private family syndicate won $1.3 million in the July Superdraw. The winning mum phoned her adult kids to tell them that their dream of winning Gold Lotto one day had finally come true.

“And in last month’s Superdraw, a workplace syndicate of 51-aged care workers from Melbourne made headlines when they shared in a division one prize of more than $1.9 million, or roughly more than $37,000 each.

“The syndicate leader said she regularly put up signs around the facility promoting her syndicate which she named after dream destinations like the ‘Greek Islands’ and everyone was welcome to join in!”

Ms Taylor said that playing in a syndicate was simple and there were plenty of ways to share in the fun.

“You can ask to join a syndicate in store, there are plenty of options created by your local Golden Casket outlet that you can be a part of and the retailer is happy to help you chose one that suits you,” Ms Taylor explained.

“Or like the winning Melbourne aged care workers, you can organise your own team of players with your friends, family and work mates to pool your money to play more games, and everyone could be celebrating!

“If you’re organising your own team, one way to round up the troops and ensure you keep good records is to use our online syndicate planner – Syndicates Made Simple at syndicates.thelott.com!

“Syndicates Made Simple is an easy way to set up and manage your lotto syndicate records, so you can concentrate on the business of winning with your team.

“Once you’ve determined your team name, contributions, game to play and entry types to play – you can send an email invite to family, friends or co-workers to join your team.

“The planner then generates a form that you can take to your nearest Golden Casket retailer who can set up your Team Syndicate, and provide you with syndicate share tickets so that everyone gets a separate ticket containing your team name and a unique barcode.

“There’s still time to get your team together and purchase an entry for your chance to share in the super-sized $21 million prize but the hot tip is to get in early to avoid the rush!”

Tickets are available now for the $21 Million Superdraw (draw 3681) on Saturday 29 October from any Golden Casket retailer, online at theLott.com, or download the new app theLott.com.