Family's festive fun wins $10,000 top prize!

Wednesday 27 January 2016 - The festive tradition of scratching Instant Scratch-Its tickets while sitting around the table has ensured one family had a cracker Christmas in 2015!

The family who gathered on the Gold Coast for their Christmas lunch won a $10,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $1 Christmas Gift ticket!

One of the excited family members explained it’s a family tradition that a small Christmas tree with Instant Scratch-Its tickets attached to it is put in the middle of the table each year.

“All the adults pluck a ticket off the tree and scratch it,” she explained.

“This year we were having lots of fun scratching our tickets and then yelling and high-fiving those who won a $2 prize or a free ticket but my partner was just sitting there looking at his ticket.”

“While all the excitement was going on, I was staring at the game panel on my ticket thinking holy moly I reckon I’ve just won a big prize!” he added.

“And that’s when he turned to me and said, ‘Can you check this?’ and handed me his ticket. I took a look at it and couldn’t believe it when I saw that he’d scratched $10,000!

“The entire family had an even bigger celebration after that! We’re sharing the $10,000 top prize between all of us so everyone ended up with an extra Christmas gift!” 

The top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $1 Christmas Gift ticket was purchased at Buddina News, Shop 424 in Kawana Shoppingworld in Buddina.

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