Desperately seeking Newcastle's division one winners!

Wednesday 13 January 2016 - There are now two mystery division one winners on the loose in Newcastle after an unregistered entry in Saturday Lotto scored a division one prize worth more than $1 million!

One New South Wales winner from the weekend’s draw is yet to claim their first division prize, while a winner from the $21 Million Superdraw last September has now allowed more than four months to pass without claiming their $750,000 prize.

NSW Lotteries is urging Novocastrians to check their wallets, purses, drawers and even piles of papers stacked on the kitchen bench for any forgotten Saturday Lotto tickets as they could be one of the missing division one winners.

$1 million prize won in Newcastle West!

If only a Saturday Lotto player from the weekend’s draw had registered their entry to a Players Club card they’d already know that they’re one of the state’s newest millionaires after winning a share in first division!

Instead of delivering the dream come true news on Monday morning, NSW Lotteries officials have now been waiting three days for the division one winner to check their ticket and realise they’ve won more than $1 million!

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said because the winner had not yet come forward, it is possible they’re enjoying their summer break and are unaware of their division one win!

“The winner could be relaxing on holidays but just imagine what they could change in 2016 with $1 million,” Ms McDougall said. 

“This windfall means they could take it a little easier this year and reduce their work hours, maybe they could change careers or extend their holiday permanently and retire early!

“We’re encouraging customers who purchased an unregistered Saturday Lotto entry in Newcastle West to check their ticket as soon as possible either at a NSW Lotteries outlet or online.”

The division one winning entry was purchased at Marketown Newsagency, Shop 8 in Marketown Shopping Centre in Newcastle West.

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 3597 on Saturday 9 January 2016 were 20, 25, 36, 30, 18 and 2, with the supplementary numbers 5 and 11.

Where is Edgeworth’s missing winner from 2015!

For more than four months, NSW Lotteries has been waiting for Edgeworth’s mystery winner who scored a division one prize worth $750,000 to come forward and claim their prize.

The unregistered entry was purchased at Edgeworth Newsextra and won a first division share in the $21 Million Superdraw 3561 on Saturday 5 September 2015.

“Saturday Lotto’s $21 Million Superdraw last September was held on the eve of Father’s Day so it could be the case that the missing division one winning entry worth $750,000 was given as a gift.

“If anyone purchased, gifted or received an entry in Saturday Lotto’s $21 Million Superdraw on 5 September 2015 and they haven’t checked their ticket yet, they should do it as soon as possible because they could be the division one winner we’ve been searching for!

“NSW Lotteries always recommends customers register their entries to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card as it ensures their prize is secure and we can contact them directly with news of a big win.”

The mystery winner purchased their division one winning September Superdraw ticket from Edgeworth Newsextra, Shop 9, 720 Main Road in Edgeworth.

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto’s $21 Million Superdraw 3561 on 5 September 2015 were 13, 37, 27, 42, 31 and 5. The supplementary numbers were 18 and 30.