$4 million division one prizes goes wanting in Queensland!

Thursday 13 August 2015 - Three Gold Lotto division one winners have yet to discover that they are millionaires! Two of the valuable prizes were won in the past eight weeks, but one has remained unclaimed for more than eighteen months!

One Queensland winner from the last Saturday Gold Lotto Superdraw on 1 August 2015 is yet to claim their $1.2 million prize, another missing winner from a Superdraw on 20 June 2015 still hasn’t come forward to claim their $1 million division one win, while a winner from a Wednesday Gold Lotto draw on 22 January 2014 has now allowed more than one year to pass without claiming their $2 million prize!

Most recently, an unregistered entry in the Saturday Gold Lotto Superdraw 3551 on 1 August 2015 scored a first division prize of $1,235,294.12 with a ticket purchased at Nextra Brook News, Shop 90 in Brookside Shopping Centre, Osborne Road in Mitchelton.

One missing winner may not be aware they’ve been a millionaire for almost two months after their Saturday Gold Lotto entry won a $1 million first division prize in the $22 Million Superdraw on 20 June 2015. The unregistered entry was purchased at Nextra Morayfield Village, shop 5 in Morayfield Shopping Centre, 171 Morayfield Road in Morayfield.

Finally, it’s been more than 18 months since an entry in the double dividends Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3315 on Wednesday 22 January 2014 won a division one prize of $2 million! The unregistered winning entry was purchased from NewsExtra DFO Cairns, Shop 255 in DFO Cairns, 274 Mulgrave Road in Cairns.

Golden Casket spokesperson Belinda McDougall said because the first division winning tickets were not registered to Winners Circle cards, Golden Casket has no way of contacting each the state’s missing millionaires!

“Instead of being able to contact each of these division one winners and let them know that they’re millionaires, we’re now waiting by the telephone for them to call us!

“We are encouraging customers to check their wallets, handbags, pockets, glove boxes, drawers and even on the fridge door for any forgotten Gold Lotto entries because they could be one of the mystery millionaires Golden Casket is waiting to hear from.

“Golden Casket encourages customers to register their entries to a Winners Circle Card because it ensures their prize is secure and that we can contact them if they win division one.

“So if you believe you are holding one of these winning tickets, we encourage you to keep it in a safe place and contact Gold Casket as soon as possible to start the prize claim process.”