Prepare For ANZAC Day's Footy Feast

Will you be prepared this ANZAC Day?

April 25, 2015.

It’s undeniably one of the biggest days on the calendar, and for plenty of reasons. Not only is it a chance for us to honour the ANZAC heroes who fought for our country, there’s also an epic serving of sport for fans to dig their teeth into. A marathon 12+ hours of footy will hit our screens across four different codes, making it almost too hard for fanatics to keep up with it all. But where there's a will, there's a way - difficult, but not impossible.

That’s where we come in to help. Look no further than the ultimate guide to help you get through the biggest sporting day of the year. Now, first and foremost, you've got to accept that it’s going to be tough. Dedication is required, planning is fundamental and diligence is key. Like our ANZACs, we will stand with you, side-by-side, and get you through the day. Just follow these four simple tips.


Tip 1: Rest Up

It’s surprising how many people make the mistake of not resting enough before a day like this. If you think you can go out the night before, get back at 5AM and fully function for the whole day, then you’re sorely mistaken. Don’t make that rookie error. They probably didn't teach you this in school, but as a rule of thumb, follow this simple equation:

x = ( y x 1.5 )

x = Number of hours you plan to spend watching sports.

y= Number of hours of sleep required the night before.

For example, the first match of the day, St Kilda v Carlton, kicks-off at 11:10am (AEST) with the final match of the day, Southampton v Tottenham, ending at 11:45pm.


That's a gap of 12hrs 35 mins, or for the purpose of this equation, 12.58 hours. So translate that into the equation, and you will find that 8 hours and 23 minutes of sleep is required to get you through the day:

12.58 = ( y x 1.5 )

y = 12.58 / 1.5

Sleep required = 8.39hrs (8hrs 23mins) 

Tip 2: Clear The House

Got a girlfriend? Wife? Partner? Kids? Visiting Relatives? It may sound harsh, but they need to go! It’s imperative you have the house to yourself, free from distractions, although inviting your mates over is encouraged. The last thing you want is to risk fighting over what takes priority on the big TV – the footy or re-runs of Home and Away. For all the Dads out there, please note the following warning: At 7:30pm, Happy Feet 2 is due to screen nationally on GO! This is primetime in the footy, where a number of potentially close games could be entering the dying stages. It’s highly recommended your children are participating in exterior activities at this time (i.e cinemas, bowling, rock climbing, etc.), or at least safely tucked away in their rooms with another TV fixated on cute fluffy penguins! Planning this at least 24 hours out from the event is advantageous. Failure to do this could result in missing something truly unforgettable.  

Tip 3: Gather The Necessities 

It’s critical you have the right devices, food, beverages and furniture to keep up with the day’s sport. This is what you will need to get by:



Radio (Battery Powered)










Microwavable Snacks


Ice Cold Beverages


Comfortable Couch



Tip 4: Follow the Schedule


If in doubt, revert back to this schedule. Click here to print your own copy and have it close by at all times!  


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