SA woman to explore the great outdoors after $50,000 Keno win!

Tuesday 31 March 2015 - A woman from Bolivar has been able to fulfil her long-held desire to purchase a camper trailer and hit the road after she won $50,000 on a Keno Spot 8 entry!

The winner, who is known to her friends and family as ‘Big Red’, has already indicated that the regional Queensland town of Charleville is the destination of her maiden voyage in her new camper trailer.

“I couldn’t tell you what the first word out of my mouth was when I realised that I had won – so let’s settle for ‘oh my god!’” the winner joked.

“My husband and I had gone to the local club for dinner and rather than select our own numbers, we selected two QuickPick entries.

“My husband had a look at both tickets and said to me ‘you can have the second ticket, the numbers don’t look good at all’.

“When I saw the winning numbers come up, I went as white as a ghost and then burst into tears of joy!

“My husband was unable to make any sense of what I was saying, but when he realised that my ticket had the winning numbers, I can guarantee you that he thought the numbers looked a lot better than he first thought!”

The winner, ‘Big Red’, said that the $50,000 windfall had removed a ‘burden from her shoulders’ and has allowed her to upgrade a few things around the house.

“Of course, the camper trailer is the first exciting purchase that we have made, but I’m on my way to pick up a new fridge and a carport!”

The winning Keno Spot 8 QuickPick entry was sold at Greyhound Racing SA at 55 Cardigan Street in Angle Park.

The Keno Spot 10 jackpot has now climbed above $1.91 million*! Purchase your Keno Spot 10 entry from any SA Lotteries outlet for your chance to win!

* Jackpot amount correct at time of release.