TattsBet Leading Big Bash Petition

Get behind the Tatts Big Bash petition.

How good has the T20 Big Bash been? Seriously, what’s better on a hot, summer’s night than to kick back, relax and watch the most entertaining form of the game? All live and in HD. You really have to give it to Channel Ten, don’t you? Well, no. Not exactly. Not at all if you’re a Queenslander, South Australian or from the Northern Territory.

While the thought of substituting the Big Bash for Carrie Bickmore and co for an hour doesn’t sound that bad to those down south, it’s clear fans in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory are fed up with the delayed coverage. Network Ten, who paid $100 million for broadcasting rights, has three seperate channels in Ten, One HD and Eleven. Surely they don't need to have Family Feud on all three channels, followed by reruns of M*A*S*H? Punters have spoken and we agree, why can't Ten use One HD to broadcast it live?

And just when you think the delay was a disaster, worse was still to come.

Even Chris Lynn couldn't help himself when he was mic'd up against the Scorchers on Thursday night. 



Just like Big Bash fans around the country, TattsBet understands there’s nothing worse than watching a delayed sporting event. Why should Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory settle for delayed, interrupted coverage? If, like us, you feel that the world’s greatest T20 tournament should be broadcast live in all states, click below and sign our petition.