Everton Hills man accidentally bins $10,000 ticket!

Thursday 25 September, 2014 - A retired man from Everton Hills found himself rifling through his wheelie bin in search of his second chance draw winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket worth $10,000! 

The overjoyed winner couldn’t contain his excitement when he discovered his $5 non-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket had won him $10,000 in Golden Casket’s Scratch eClub Second Chance Draw. 

However, the winning man said his excitement soon turned to panic when he realised he had accidentally thrown out his ticket which he needed to claim his second chance draw prize! 

“I was so excited when I found out about the win but then I discovered that the ticket wasn’t with all my other second chance draw tickets. I remember thinking, ‘Oh streuth, I think I threw it out!’” the winner explained to Golden Casket. 

“It was rubbish collection day so I ran out to rescue the ticket before the rubbish truck turned up! I’d pruned my rose bushes that week so I had to dig through a bin full of thorns and branches.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found my ticket. I had scratches up my arms, from my wrists to my elbows, but it was definitely worth it!” he excitedly added. 

The winner said he was still shocked at how lucky he felt. 

“I rescued my ticket in the afternoon and my bins are usually emptied in the morning. I only found out later that apparently the guys who collect the rubbish were on strike that day,” he explained. 

The excited winner said that while he’ll share most of his hard-earned windfall with family, he’s also planning to spend some on himself. 

“I really need to upgrade my computer so I’ll definitely be doing that as well.”

Every month Scratch eClub members are given the chance to turn their eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets into a winner. Scratch eClub is free to join and there are often a number of prizes to be won each month. 

Players can register as a Scratch eClub member online at www.scratcheclub.com. 

Golden Casket Public Relations Manager Elissa Lewis said that the Scratch eClub Monthly Second Chance Draws are a great way for members to have additional chances to win. 

Scratch eClub members just need to enter their eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets into the Monthly Second Chance Draw for another chance to win,” Ms Lewis said. 

“Just don’t forget to hold onto your ticket, you will need it to claim your prize.

“There are only a few days left before the September draw closes so don’t forget to enter for the chance to win $10,000 this month!”