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Is coach John Cartwright about to be chopped by the Titans? Image courtesy of: Picture: Mark Evans

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Titans v Eels

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Saturday July 26 – 5:35 PM (AEST)




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Who would want to be an NRL coach these days? They seem to have a smaller life span than a fly. Gold Coast's John Cartwright and Melbourne's Craig Bellamy are the only two who have been with their club for more than three years. But Carty is seen as a 'dead man walking' with the Titans going so poorly this year. But you can’t blame it all on him, given the run of bad luck the Titans have had this year. Parramatta coach Brad Arthur is also feeling the pressure in his rookie season, with the Eels suffering their fourth consecutive loss last Friday.

Honestly what more can Carty do? It is hard to win any games if you minus some of your starting players, but missing both your halves is almost impossible. The loss of Aiden Sezer and Albert Kelly was a huge blow for the Titans, and they paid dearly for it. Losing six straight shows how badly they needed them, with the majority of those games being lost by 10 points or less. Then there is the loss of both their captains Greg Bird and Nate Myles to Origin duty. The only thing that will save Carty’s job is if the Titans make a run for the finals, starting Saturday. Dave Taylor remains in the centres after demolishing the Knights backline last week, while Luke Bailey drops out of the side with a hamstring injury. Greg Bird returns from suspension, with Maurice Blair and Cody Nelson on a five-man bench.

The Eels need to find a way to win without Jarryd Hayne. He can’t be everywhere at once, even though it sometimes seems he is. If you rely on one player all the time, it can become pretty easy to read after a while. He may be a magician at times, but he can’t work his magic if he constantly gets bombarded. Chris Sandow and Corey Norman need to stand up. They have been solid throughout the year, but need to take control of the game and let Hayne interject when he sees fit. Arthur has decided to stay strong with the 17 which went down to the Bunnies last week.

This will be the last roll of the dice for Titans. If they want to keep Carty around, they need to win, but it is also the last roll for the Eels. If they want to play finals footy this season, they need to start their run on Saturday. If the Hayne Plane can get a bit of assistance, the Eels might just come away with the win.

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