Where Will Patty Go?

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Where will Patty Mills Go? Image courtesy of: Sportal.com.au

Australian NBA sensation Patty Mills is a man in demand after a sincilating performance in the NBA Finals Series. Mills is a free agent after winning his first championship with the Spurs and we have come up with a market on where the Aussie sharp shooter might end up next!

San Antonio Spurs

Patty Mills in San Antonio Spurs Jersey

The Spurs need to keep Mills. Starting point guard Tony Parker isn’t getting any younger and it is obvious Mills is learning from him. With Parker’s retirement coming sooner rather than later, Mills could very well be the next starting point guard for the Spurs.

Miami Heat

Patty Mills in Miami Heat Jersey

After losing to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, The Miami Heat have seen what this Australian import can do. Likely to lose point guard Mario Chalmers in the offseason, the Heat will need to bring in some fresh young talent and who better than the man who scored 17 points off the bench against them.

Indiana Pacers

Patty Mills in Indiana Pacers Jersey

Another team in desperate need of a quality point guard, the Pacers could be the new home for Mills. Averaging only 15 mins per game, Mills could get some serious game time at the Pacers with regular starting point guard George Hills failing to fire.

LA Lakers

With Steve Nash on the verge of retirement, the Lakers need to start looking to the future. Captain Canada is 40 and does not have much time left in the game. Mills has learnt a lot from the Spurs and could be the fresh face the Lakers need to become a title contender once more.

Chicago Bulls

Patty Mills in Chicago Bulls Jersey

The Bulls need to add more quality point guards to their roster. With Derrick Rose prone to injury, they have no one to fill the void. Enter Patty Mills. He has the speed of Rose and hit those three-pointers with ease. Imagine what they could achieve if they were both fit and healthy?

Houston Rockets

Patty Mills in Houston Rockets Jersey

Jeremy Lin is the Houston Rockets starting point guard; for now. He is a quality player but has proved when it comes to the big games he can’t step up. Mills proved in the final game of the Finals that he can. Shooting five from eight from the three-point line shows the kid is cool under pressure and would be a huge signing for the Rockets.

Boston Celtics

Patty Mills in Boston Celtics Jersey

The Celtics are far from a dynasty these days. Losing all their big names in recent seasons, they need to start recruiting well. Rondo is a quality player but he lacks that scoring power. Mills could fill the void that is missing in Rondo’s game begin a dynasty of his own.

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