Can’t Even Kick A Goal

Sources: Courier Mail/Peter Wallis/Daily Telegraph
A miss from either might save you! Sources: Courier Mail/Peter Wallis/Daily Telegraph

Both Johanthan Thurston and Corey Parker are renowned as prolific goal kickers. But they are both only just over 70% for the year.

Johnathan Thurston
Career Conversion Attempts: 710
Career Conversion Successful: 561
Career Goal Percentage: 79.01%

2014 Conversion Attempts: 32
2014 Conversion Successful: 23
2014 Goal Percentage: 71.88%

Corey Parker
Career Conversion Attempts: 599
Career Conversions Successful: 443
Career Goal Percentage: 73.98%

2014 Conversion Attempts: 35
2014 Conversion Successful: 25
2014 Goal Percentage: 71.43%

It has been said by Immortal Andrew Johns, who himself was a very good goal kicker, that JT has the best kicking technique in the game. It heads out so far and then swings back in. It’s like watching David Beckham slot one for Man U back in the day. But the swing isn’t as prominent this year. The ball seems to stay on line and miss the goals completely.

Corey Park is another who has been able to make the ball sail over the black dot with precision over the years. The Bronco’s number 1 goal kicker even when Darren Lockyer was there, Parker has slowly slipped down the ranks, converting just over two-thirds of his kicks so far this year.

Either way, one of these two kickers might just give you a kick along, if your first try scorer bet misses!

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