Lucky Moments In Sport

Top 7 Lucky Moments in Sport
Top 7 Lucky Moments in Sports History.

1. Stephen Bradbury – Australian Speed Skater.

The story is well known. A rank outsider before the gold-medal race of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Bradbury was dead last coming into the final lap. A late crash between all other competitors gave Bradbury the chance steal the gold, in what was one of the luckiest moments in sports history.

Stephen Bradbury. Image courtesy of: Photo: Reuters
Image courtesy of: Photo: Reuters


2. Yoa Ming - Retired NBA Player

One of the tallest men to ever walk onto the court, Yao Ming could have easily put the ball in the basket with a simple reach. But on a cold winter's evening, his was more lucky than skillful. Under the pump, the Houston Rockets were trying to find a way to score against the New Jersey Nets. Passing the ball around, they just couldn't find a way through the Nets defence. In the paint, Yao Ming was trying to catch a pass from Luis Scola, fumbled and lost the ball, yet it somehow ended up in the net. Talk about lucky.

Yao Ming. Image courtesy of: Xinhua/Reuters Photo.
Image courtesy of: Xinhua/Reuters Photo


3. Sunderland v Liverpool - EPL 2009.

Scores locked up at 0-0, Sunderland head down the field. Liverpool back pedalling, the men from Anfield scramble well, but luck is not on their side. A young fan is having a bit of fun and decides to throw a beach ball onto the field. With the beach ball bobbling around on the pitch, Darren Bent heads towards the goals, and has a fair crack. The game ball rockets towards the goal, and yes (as fate would have it), rebounds off the beach ball, beating Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina. The goal counted and won the game for the red and white.  

Sunderland v Liverpool: Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:


4. Raimana van Bastolaer - Professional Surfer

During a surfing contest in Tahiti, Raimana van Bastolaer was just catching a wave, like he has hundreds of times. Next thing he knows an out-of-control jet ski heads straight for him. They weren't small waves either, averaging 4-metres. Very calmly, Bastolaer ducks, with the jet ski narrowly missing his head and smashing on the reef below.

Reef Mcintosh. Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:


5. John Senden  - Australian PGA Golfer. 

John Senden is a well known name in the golfing world. Being around for over twenty years, one moment definitely stands out. In the 2007 Open Championship, Senden has an easy shot at the green to go for birdie. Instead he slices it and it drifts to the left of the green, heading for no-mans land. Yet it bounces, heads towards out-of-bounds, hits a fence post and roles onto the green. Talk about lucky.

John Senden. Image courtesy of: GETTY IMAGES
Image courtesy of: GETTY IMAGES


6. Karl Reindler – V8 Supercar driver. 

It’s not just about lucky shots. It’s also about lucky escapes. On May 1, 2011, Reindler’s car stalled on the grid and was hit from behind by Steve Owen, who was doing approximately 150 km/h. The impact ruptured the fuel cell of Reindler’s Commodore, and as luck would have it, sparks flew and the leaking fuel burst into flames. Miraculously, Reindler walked away with just minor burns to his face and hands. After a trip to hostpital, he was released later that night. One lucky escape.

Karl Reindler. Image courtesy of: Picture: Getty Images Source: Herald Sun
Image courtesy of: Picture: Getty Images Source: Herald Sun


7. Diego Maradona – the infamous “Hand of God” goal. 

While it isn’t an Australian moment, it is still one in the history books. Argentina faced off against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup. Maradona headed towards the goals after a miss-timed kick from Steve Hodge, placing the ball in the back of the net. Calls for a handball were dismissed, and even after numerous checks, no definitive evidence can show Maradona’s hand other than in the air.

Hand of God. Image courtesy of: Offside Sports Photography / L'Equipe
Image courtesy of: Offside Sports Photography / L'Equipe



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