Could you achieve your New Year's resolutions with a share in $30 Million?

Thursday 2 January, 2014 - This weekend Saturday Lotto is giving players the chance to start the New Year off with a bang with a share in the $30 Million Megadraw! 

NSW Lotteries asked its Facebook fans what New Year’s resolutions they’d tick off their list if they won a first division prize in the $30 Million Megadraw on Saturday. 

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said the responses from Facebook fans varied widely. 

“The $30 Million Megadraw is one of Saturday Lotto’s most highly anticipated annual events, and we expect around 40% of Australia’s adult population will be in it to win it on Saturday!” Ms McDougall said. 

“A number of Saturday Lotto players on Facebook said the first thing they’d do with a share in $30 million is pay off their mortgage, but other responses were a bit quirkier!” Ms McDougall said.

“One man said he’d fulfil his dream of buying a boat to sail around, while others would like to travel as far away as Ireland, or even take a holiday to Queensland. 

“Sharing with family was a strong theme in the responses, with some adults dreaming of paying off their parents’ mortgages so the whole family can be debt-free. 

“One woman said she’d buy a family home, upgrade her car and make sure her sons were set for school. 

“Another player would set up a childcare business with her sister, and others would like to donate some of their prize money to worthy charities. 

“Many of these goals align with the most common responses we hear from people who have won first division prizes in Saturday Lotto,” Ms McDougall said. 

“Division one winners often tell us they plan to buy a home or pay off their mortgage, put their feet up after retirement, travel the world and share their good fortune with loved ones,” she added. 

“Last year, 21 Australians began 2013 as winners, each scoring $1.4 million in Saturday Lotto’s $30 Million Megadraw. Four of those tickets were purchased in New South Wales, so we hope to see many more Megadraw winners in the state on 4 January,” Ms McDougall said. 

Tickets in the $30 Million Megadraw on Saturday 4 January 2014 are now on sale from all NSW Lotteries retail outlets and online from