Could you achieve your New Year's resolutions with $30 Million?

Thursday 2 January, 2014 - This weekend TattsLotto is giving players the chance to start the New Year off with a bang with a share in the $30 Million Megadraw! 

Tatts asked its Facebook fans what New Year’s resolutions they’d tick off their list if they won a first division prize in the $30 Million Megadraw on Saturday. 

Tatts spokesperson Zoe Knobel said the responses from Facebook fans varied widely. 

“The $30 Million Megadraw is one of TattsLotto’s most highly anticipated annual events, and we expect around 40% of Australia’s adult population will be in it to win it on Saturday!” Ms Knobel said. 

“A number of TattsLotto players on Facebook said the first thing they’d do with a share in $30 million is pay off their mortgage, but other responses were a bit quirkier!” Ms Knobel said. 

“A very generous Facebook fan said she’d like to give to charities and put educational programs in place to elevate people from poverty around the world, while another would donate funds to cancer research. 

“One man said he’d use the prize money to get fit and healthy, but conversely, another hopeful winner said she’d throw a “massive party” to celebrate! 

“Another man has even grander plans to throw parties every weekend in his mansions if he won millions with TattsLotto! 

“Others would simply enjoy travelling and buying their own home, mansion or not. 

“Many of these goals align with the most common responses we hear from customers who have won first division prizes in TattsLotto,” Ms Knobel said. 

“Division one winners often tell us they plan to buy a home or pay off their mortgage, put their feet up after retirement, travel the world and share their good fortune with loved ones,” she added. 

“Last year, 21 Australians began 2013 as winners, each scoring $1.4 million in TattsLotto’s $30 Million Megadraw,” Ms Knobel said. 

Tickets in the $30 Million Megadraw on Saturday 4 January 2014 are now on sale from all Tatts retail outlets and online from