Wedding bells for Bayside couple after $100,000 win!

Friday 17 January, 2014 - It’s like Christmas has come again for a Bayside couple after they won a $100,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $2 ticket! 

On Christmas Eve a Redland Bay man purchased a Christmas-themed Instant Scratch-Its ticket with the intention of scratching it with his partner once the kids had been tucked away in bed waiting for Santa. 

“After I bought the ticket on Christmas Eve everything got really busy as we prepared for Christmas Day with the kids,” the winning man explained. 

“I left our ticket sitting in the car for three weeks until I was cleaning out the car and found it in there. 

“When I scratched off the $100,000 top prize I called my partner in shock and we’ve been laughing ever since! 

“With that ticket sitting on the dashboard my car has been worth more than 100 grand for the past three weeks and I had no idea! 

“It’s a great time to win this money as it’s coming up to the start of the school term, so we’ll get the kids ready, pay down some existing debt and take care of some of the mortgage. 

“We were already thinking of getting married in the not too distant future and with this prize money a wedding is actually possible,” the winning man added. 

The Christmas-themed Instant Scratch-Its $2 ‘Stocking Stuffer’ ticket also featured a Christmas joke under a scratch-off panel. 

“I didn’t scratch off the joke panel on the ticket at the time because I was worried if I scratched anything else I might void the prize!” the winning man said. 

When they claimed the prize from Golden Casket the couple scratched off the additional panel and couldn’t help but laugh at how appropriate the Christmas joke was. 

The joke read: ‘Q. What goes whistling up the aisle at a wedding? A. The bride’s train.’

“Must be a sign!” the winning couple laughed. 

The top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $2 ticket was purchased at Logandale Plaza News, Shop 10 in Logandale Plaza in Cornubia. The happy winners have chosen to remain anonymous.