Instant Scratch-Its player treats herself to $100,000 win!

Tuesday 10 September, 2013 - A woman who likes to indulge herself with a few Instant Scratch-Its tickets got the ultimate thrill recently when she scratched the $100,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $5 ticket. 

“Every week I buy some Instant Scratch-Its tickets as a treat for myself,” the exuberant winner explained. 

“When I scratched one of my Instant Scratch-Its tickets and saw that I’d won $100,000 I just couldn’t believe it!” Despite her excitement at scratching the top prize, the winner didn’t rush forward to claim her windfall. 

“I actually kept the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket hidden in a book for one week,” the winner added. 

“I couldn’t stop looking at it though. I even woke up in the middle of the night once to sneak another look at it!” 

The overjoyed winner said she’s not too sure what she’ll do long term with her $100,000 windfall but has already bought some appliances and ‘treated the family’. 

The winning Instant Scratch-Its $5 ticket was purchased from Pambula Newsagency, 23 Quondola Street in Pambula.