$250,000 at the end of the rainbow for Instant Scratch-Its winner!

Friday 30 August, 2013 - A Brisbane nurse experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when she presented at Golden Casket’s Head Office with what she thought was a major prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $5 ticket.

“When I arrived I said to the Golden Casket official, ‘I’ve won $10,000,’ as I handed the Instant Scratch-Its ticket to her,” the winner explained. 

“After she put the Instant Scratch-Its ticket through the terminal she looked at me and said, ‘Sorry you haven’t won $10,000. You’ve won $250,000!’ 

“I didn’t believe her! I was convinced she’d made a mistake and started to argue that the Instant Scratch-Its ticket hadn’t won $250,000, it had won $10,000. 

“I think it looked like they were going to have to call security because I was certain they’d made an error.” 

It was only after the winner took a closer look at her Instant Scratch-Its $5 ticket that she finally accepted she had won the top prize of $250,000. 

Now a quarter-of-a-million dollars richer, the emotional winner said she’ll make an appointment with a financial planner to discuss how she can invest her surprise windfall. 

The winning Instant Scratch-Its $5 ticket was purchased at The Lucky Charm Holmview, Shop 6 at 318-322 Logan River Road, Holmview. 

“A couple of weeks ago, I drove through a rainbow on that road. When I told my sister-in-law later on, she said that I should have bought a lotto ticket,” the winner said. 

“That’s when I said that I was going to always buy my Instant Scratch-Its tickets from there because of that rainbow and the newsagent has the name Lucky Charm! I just can’t believe this.”