Wife secretly changed TattsLotto numbers and won!

Monday 17 June, 2013 - Four division one TattsLotto prizes worth $575,256.48 each were won in Victoria on the weekend! 

Melbourne husband now trusts wife’s judgement 

One Melbourne couple has been playing TattsLotto with the same numbers for more than 20 years in the hope that their combination would eventually come up. But last year the wife of the couple got fed up with waiting. 

“My wife changed our TattsLotto numbers about a year ago without telling me; she just went ahead and picked new ones because we weren’t winning!” a stunned husband told a Tatts official this morning. 

“She reckons she chose new numbers based on the most popular ones that won each week. She didn’t ask me about it, and afterwards I said it was a terrible idea. But BINGO – within 12-months we won!” 

The couple won a first division TattsLotto prize of $575,256.48 in Saturday’s draw and are now planning to go on an international holiday and to share the money with family. 

“We’ve got a few grandchildren so we’ll probably spoil the little ankle-biters,” he added. 

The couple purchased their winning 12-game marked TattsLotto entry from Diamond Creek Newsagency, 62A Hurstbridge Road in Diamond Creek. 

Thomastown pensioners finally go on honeymoon 

A Thomastown couple in their 50s won $575,256.48 with their 15-game marked TattsLotto entry from 1 Lucky Lotto Epping Plaza, Kiosk 005 in Epping Plaza Shopping Centre in Epping. 

“We’re on a disability pension so this will truly change our lives. We never got to go on a honeymoon when we got married more than 30 years ago so we’ll finally go away together,” the winning wife said. 

“My son is getting married this year too and for a while I’ve been putting away $20 in a jar from my pension each week to help pay for his wedding. Now I’ll be able to help out so much more.”

Donvale man in shock at TattsLotto prize 

Another $575,256.48 TattsLotto prize was won by a retired man in Donvale who purchased his winning System 7 marked entry from Tunstall News & Lotto, 4 Tunstall Square in Doncaster East. 

“I saw those winning numbers in the newspaper and thought, ‘I must be a monkey’s uncle!’ I’ll share the prize money with my children, upgrade the house and probably travel overseas,” the winner said. 

A fourth division one TattsLotto prize in Victoria was won from Tatts.com online by a Mildura man.

Throughout Australia, there were seven entries that won a first division share of TattsLotto’s estimated $4 million division one prize pool on 15 June 2013, each worth $575,256.48. Along with four winning entries sold in Victoria, there was one each in New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3329 on Saturday 15 June, 2013 were 16, 4, 1, 17, 21 and 15 with the supplementary numbers 42 and 40.