Check your Powerball entry! It could be worth $10 million!

Friday 14 June, 2013 - Someone in the ACT is $10 million richer today, but chances are they haven’t yet realised!

NSW Lotteries is waiting for the holder of an unregistered division one winning entry from last night’s Powerball draw to come forward and claim their life-changing Powerball windfall. 

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said it’s possible the winner is walking around today with the winning ticket in their wallet or handbag, completely unaware of their new multimillionaire status. 

“Unfortunately the winning entry was not registered to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card, so we have no way of contacting the winner to tell them the amazing news,” Ms McDougall said. 

“If you purchased an unregistered entry in last night’s Powerball draw 891 from The Thistle Kiosk in Westfield Woden Shopping Centre, we urge you to have it checked as soon as possible at any NSW Lotteries outlet or online at 

“That ticket with the winning Powerball numbers on it is worth $10 million so we recommend anyone who believes they are holding the winning entry, to keep it in a safe place and contact NSW Lotteries immediately to start the prize claim process. 

“We always encourage players to register their entries to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card because it not only ensures their prize is secure, but it also means we can contact them directly with news of a big win.” 

The ACT winner was the only division one winner nationally in last night’s Powerball draw. The winning unregistered entry was purchased from The Thistle Kiosk, Shop 49A in Westfield Woden Shopping Centre, Woden. 

The winning numbers were 11, 38, 12, 25, 24 and 13; the Powerball was number 7.