Searching for mystery $31 million Powerball winner!

Monday 6 May, 2013 - The hunt continues for the mystery multi-millionaire who won a staggering $31 million with an unregistered entry in last Thursday’s $60 million Powerball Jackpot. 

NSW Lotteries has been waiting since last week for the ticket holder who purchased their entry in Sydney’s CBD to come forward and claim their multi-million dollar prize. 

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said because the winner has not yet come forward, it is possible that they are unaware of their newfound wealth! 

“We’re encouraging anyone who purchased an unregistered Powerball ticket at Chifley Arcade Newsagency in Sydney’s CDB to check their entry as soon as possible either at a NSW Lotteries outlet or online at 

“That ticket with the winning Powerball numbers on it is worth more than $31 million so we recommend anyone who believes they are holding the winning entry, to keep it in a safe place and contact NSW Lotteries immediately to start the prize claim process. 

“NSW Lotteries encourages players to register all of their lottery purchases to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card. Not only will they never miss out on a prize, but if they win division one we will call them and let them know of their windfall,” Ms McDougall added. 

Powerball’s total division one prize pool of $62,055,383.40 was split between two entries in Victoria and New South Wales. Along with the unregistered entry purchased in Sydney’s CBD, a 15-member syndicate from the Melbourne suburb of Cheltenham claims $2,071,012.92 each. 

The winning unregistered ticket was purchased from Chifley Arcade Newsagency, Shop 2 in Chifley Arcade, 4 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. 

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 885 on 2 May 2013 were 34, 37, 23, 10, 4, and 39 and the Powerball number was 20.