Melbourne woman just misses out on US Powerball jackpot; wins $2 million in Australia!

Wednesday 22 May, 2013 - It’s the story of a Powerball ticket worth $2 million that has been jet-setting around the world for three weeks, while the owner had no idea how valuable that piece of paper was in her wallet! 

A woman in her 30s from Melbourne claimed her Powerball prize today and her story is one of the most remarkable Tatts has on record. 

“I’ve just flown in from America this morning!” she said breathlessly as she spoke in person to a Tatts official today. 

“I’ve been on holiday with extended family in Florida for a few weeks. I had no idea that the whole time I’ve been there I’ve had millions of dollars sitting in my wallet with this Powerball ticket! 

“I wouldn’t have even thought to check it while I was there unless my husband had prompted me. 

“I’d actually purchased a ticket in the US Powerball draw because it was a huge jackpot of $600 million. My husband texted me to ask where I got my ticket because he heard there was a winner in Florida. 

“It’s crazy - I bought my ticket from the same Publix supermarket where the winning $600 million entry was sold! I had to check it right away, but I’d only won $27,” she laughed. 

“It made me remember I’d bought an entry in the $60 million Australian Powerball draw too, so I looked the results up online from the draw a few weeks ago and… oh my god. I still can’t believe this. 

“I’m glad lottery wins aren’t taxed here like they are in the US!” she joked. 

The winner said there was no way she could continue her holiday in America while the unregistered multi-million dollar entry was burning a hole in her pocket. 

“I was terrified that I’d lose the ticket if I stayed there; I had to fly back and hand it in! The rest of my family is still in the States. That ticket has been around the world with me!” 

The winner said the money will set her and her young family up for life. 

“We’re going to be debt-free. It’s like a dream. We’ll own our own home and the kids’ education will be totally paid for. 

“I’m flying back to America now to extend our family holiday with a trip to Cabo to celebrate with margaritas!” 

In the Powerball draw on 2 May a total of 16 millionaires were created and shared in a division one prize pool of $62,055,383.40 with one Sydney winner claiming $31 million, and a syndicate of 15 Melburnians scooping $2 million each with their Powerball entry. 

The jet-setting Melbourne mum was one of the 15 players who purchased syndicate shares from Southland Lotteries, Shop 3038 on Level 3, Westfield Southland in Cheltenham who claimed $2,071,012.92 each. 

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 885 on 2 May 2013 were 34, 37, 23, 10, 4 and 39 and the Powerball was number 20. 

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