Everton Hills man scratches $25,000 Instant prize!

Friday 17 May, 2013 - A man in Everton Hills is $25,000 richer after scratching the top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $1 ticket this week! 

The winner in his 40s said he purchased the ticket along with other tickets for a gift from Rode Newsagency in Stafford Heights. 

“I actually bought a couple of Instant Scratch-Its to give to my mum with a card for her birthday, and just a few $1 Instant Scratch-Its for myself with change I had,” the winner explained. 

“I forgot to scratch them right away and it wasn’t until this morning that I took them out while my wife and I were sitting on the couch at home watching morning television. 

“She was just sitting there scratching one ticket while she had a coffee, and I was scratching another two beside her. 

“I didn’t win anything on the first ticket I scratched and I was complaining that I never win more than a few dollars and I said to her, ‘It’d be nice to actually win the big prize, wouldn’t it?’ 

“Then all of a sudden I saw that I’d scratched three matching symbols on this ticket saying I’d won 25 grand! 

“My wife just looked at me and said ‘You lucky bugger’,” he laughed. 

The father of four adult children has a few things he’d like to use the prize money for. 

“We’ll pay some bills, take care of our credit card and share some with our kids. 

“We’ll also be able to pay for some medical expenses that we hadn’t been able to before.” 

The winning ticket was purchased from Rode Newsagency, Shop 22 in Rode Shopping Centre on Rode Road in Stafford Heights.