Shocked Retiree Scratches $500,000 prize!

Tuesday 23 April, 2013 - It wasn’t on her shopping list but a Brisbane retiree managed to pick up a $500,000 top prize while doing her weekly grocery shop! 

The happy winner was still stunned she had even bought the $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket when she spoke with Golden Casket. 

“I’d finished my shopping and I had $10 left over so I decided to buy myself an Instant Scratch-Its ticket,” the winner explained. 

“I don’t know why I got the $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket because it’s not my favourite. I don’t like the colours. 

“But when I scratched the $500,000 top prize at the shopping centre I just couldn’t believe it. 

“I actually got in the car, took the ticket home and double checked it with my glasses on and then I checked it with a magnifying glass – just to be sure! 

“I’m so happy to win this money. For a retiree like me, this is just what the doctor ordered,” the winner giggled. 

The Instant Scratch-Its player now plans to ‘brag a little’ about her big win when she goes to see her accountant about investing her $500,000 prize. 

The winning $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased from Greenslopes News, Shop 19 in the Greenslopes Shopping Mall, 700 Logan Road, Greenslopes.