Oz Lotto celebrates its 1000th draw since 1994! $5.6 billion in prizes won by Australian players - QLD

Friday 12 April, 2013 - Way back in 1994, the game we know as Oz Lotto was introduced to Australia, and it is coming of age on Tuesday with its 1000th draw! 

On Tuesday night, 16 April 2013, iconic Oz Lotto will celebrate its 1000th draw since its inception 19 years ago. 

Since Oz Lotto was launched as Australia’s first ever national jackpotting lotto game, more than $5.6 billion has been given away in prizes. 

Golden Casket spokesperson Elissa Lewis said that this is a significant milestone for one of Australia’s most popular lottery games. 

“In the 19 years that Australians have been playing Oz Lotto, $5.6 billion in prizes across all divisions has been awarded to more than 120 million players,” Ms Lewis said.  

“Of that amount, around $2.4 billion has been paid out nationally in major division one prizes. Since launching on 22 February 1994, Oz Lotto has created 448 millionaires throughout Australia,” she added. 

“One of the most memorable Oz Lotto events in history was the record-breaking $100 million jackpot that occurred in November last year, coinciding with another iconic Australian event, Melbourne Cup Day. 

“The number of Oz Lotto entries purchased in that draw equalled almost half of the Australian adult population, which goes to show that even after all these years Oz Lotto remains one of the most popular lotto games on offer. 

“The dream of having your numbers come up in Oz Lotto and living an ‘Oz Lotto winner’s life’ is very much alive, and maybe that dream will come true for a Queensland player with draw number 1000 on Tuesday,” Ms Lewis said. 

Tuesday night’s 1000th Oz Lotto draw is offering a $15 million division one jackpot prize pool to players. Tickets in the draw are available from all Golden Casket outlets and online at Tatts.com/goldencasket. 

Oz Lotto Facts 

• The total amount of Oz Lotto prize money given away to date is $5,643,952,542.99. 

• There have been 120,963,003 Oz Lotto winners in total across 19 years. That many winners would fill the Suncorp Stadium 2,304 times! 

• A total of 448 millionaires have been created by winning division one Oz Lotto prizes. 

• The largest Oz Lotto amount ever won by an individual player is $53.2 million in 2009. 

• The record jackpot for Oz Lotto is the $100 million draw which took place on 6 November 2012. 

Iconic memories of 1994 

• The first Oz Lotto draw occurred on 22 February 1994. 

• The Prime Minister of Australia was Paul Keating. 

• Australian of the Year was Ian Kiernan AO, the Chairman of 'Clean Up Australia'. 

• Beloved Australian film Muriel’s Wedding was released. 

• Kylie Minogue’s “Confide in Me” was a Top 25 single in the ARIA charts. 

• Telephone numbers in Australia begin transitioning to eight digits. 

Oz Lotto Winner Update 

To mark Oz Lotto’s big anniversary of 1000 draws, Golden Casket contacted a previous major winner to see how their division one lotto win had changed their life. 

In September 2009, a man in his thirties from Thuringowa in North Queensland won $20 million in Oz Lotto. At the time, the father said he planned to pay off the mortgage on his home and take his family on a trip overseas. 

This week Golden Casket gave the winner a call to catch-up on how his life had changed in the three and a half years since he became an Oz Lotto multi-millionaire. 

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been overseas since then!” he laughed when reflecting on his initial plans for how to use the $20 million windfall. 

“I used the prize money to set up my own business. Now I work in financial management helping other people manage their assets and grow wealth. 

“We went to a financial planner as soon as we received the prize money. I tried trading in shares for a while, then gave that away. Now I have a diversified investment portfolio including property.” 

After more than three years since receiving the life-changing news, the winning man still has vivid memories of what it was like when he discovered his numbers had come up in Oz Lotto. 

“I couldn’t sleep for two weeks! Then I started giving some of the money to friends and family and it was them who couldn’t sleep because they were dreaming of how they could use it!” he laughed. 

“We didn’t tell too many people initially. After I gave up my job, I still pretended to go to work for a while because they kids didn’t know we’d won Oz Lotto. Then we started our first business.” 

Golden Casket asked the winner what he would say to someone if they won the $15 million jackpot in this Tuesday’s Oz Lotto 1000th draw, and he had some wise advice to share. 

“My top three tips for anyone who wins Oz Lotto are; 1) Don’t be greedy. 2) Stop and think carefully about the future of your family. 3) Have a plan to grow the asset over time.” 

So does the winner still play Oz Lotto? 

“I had to buy a ticket in last year’s $100 million Oz Lotto draw! It was nice to see a family in Townsville nearby shared in that prize,” he said. 

Although close friends and family now know about the man’s Oz Lotto win, he has decided to remain anonymous to the wider public and has chosen not to reveal his identity in the media. 

The man won his $20 million division one Oz Lotto prize in draw 812, 8 September 2009. 

Tuesday night’s 1000th Oz Lotto draw is offering a $15 million division one jackpot prize pool to players. Tickets in the draw are available from all Golden Casket outlets and online at Tatts.com/goldencasket.