Viva la Carnivale! Saturday Gold Lotto's $25 million Superdraw is tomorrow night!

Friday 22 March, 2013 - Saturday Gold Lotto’s $25 million Superdraw is tomorrow night, and the exciting Carnivale theme has players dreaming of the fiesta they’ll throw if they win a share of the fantástico prize pool! 

Golden Casket spokesperson Elissa Lewis said the Carnivale theme has been a hit with Gold Lotto players. 

“Superdraws are always exciting for our players, as they offer a chance to share in a prize pool up to six times bigger than in a regular Saturday Gold Lotto draw,” Ms Lewis said. 

“Gold Lotto players have a shot at sharing in $25 million on Saturday, instead of the usual division one prize pool of $4 million. 

“The bright, colourful Carnivale theme of this Superdraw has got players dreaming of celebrating a Saturday Gold Lotto win with a fiesta with friends and a holiday to Brazil! 

“So far this year, 10 Saturday Gold Lotto entries have shared in more than $9.1 million worth of first division prizes! 

“One of those winning entries was shared between a group of eight office workers,” Ms Lewis added. 

“Why not start a Saturday Gold Lotto syndicate in your workplace and split the cost of a larger Superdraw entry with colleagues? 

“Tickets in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $25 million Superdraw are available now from all Golden Casket retail outlets and online at until 6.30pm on Saturday 23 March.”