One year after winning the nation’s biggest jackpot, where are they now?

Monday, 4 November 2013 - Tatts Lotteries has contacted the winners of Oz Lotto’s record-breaking $100 million draw to mark the one-year anniversary of the win. 

We all remember the electricity in the air this time last year as the country geared up for a Melbourne Cup Day that coincided with Australia’s largest ever Oz Lotto jackpot – the jaw-dropping $100 million draw on 6 November 2012. 

Four winning entries shared in the record-breaking division one prize pool, which was boosted to $111,972,151.04 as a result of the eight million entries that were purchased into the draw nationally. 

Life-changing prizes of $27.9 million each went to families in Melbourne, Canberra and Townsville, as well as an 80-member syndicate spread across Victoria. 

With the one-year anniversary of the record-breaking draw upon us, Tatts Lotteries contacted the winners to see just how much their lives changed after they became multi-millionaires. 

Canberra family still buys bargain biscuits! 

The Canberra family that claimed a $27.9 million prize with the Oz Lotto ticket they purchased from Mollymook Beach Newsagency on South Coast NSW has found it difficult to adopt millionaire mindsets. 

“I’ve struggled big time with regular things like grocery shopping. It’s very difficult to change your whole mindset,” the winning father said. 

“I went down to the shop today to buy some biscuits and I immediately picked up the packet that was on special for 90 cents cheaper. I still buy the $1.50 biscuits when I could be buying the $4.00 fancy ones! You still do those things all the time. 

“We have been careful with the prize money though; we want to make this win a multi-generational thing so generations of our family to come will benefit from it. 

“My advice to anyone else who wins such a large amount is to leave it in a term deposit for six-months so you can take time to settle down. I left ours in the bank for three-months and looking back I could have left it longer. 

“Then make sure you make investments based on sound financial advice, and be careful who you tell. 

“We told basically no one; it can really change people’s perspective and how they treat you. In saying that, we’ve helped a lot of people along the way without them realising we won lotto, just doing little acts of kindness wherever we can,” the winner added. 

Townsville family has the “dream boat, dream home and dream shed” 

The young family who won $27.9 million with the Oz Lotto ticket they purchased from The Lucky Charm Townsville has had a whirlwind year of buying everything their hearts desired. 

“We’ve got our dream boat now, we’ve just built our dream home and I’ve got my dream shed out the back!” the winning father laughed. 

“Our sons have their own motorbikes now to ride around on the property too. 

“The best thing is that I don’t have to work the hours that I used to so there’s more time for family. I can do the school run now and spend more time with my wife. Our relationship has grown a lot stronger since we won this money. 

“We don’t hide the fact that we won Oz Lotto, but we don’t broadcast it. We’ve helped a lot of people out in the last year, including buying houses and giving money to family members. 

“The most dramatic way our lives have changed is that we just don’t stress about money anymore. We’re still on Cloud Nine.” 

Meadow Heights family tries to “retain normalcy” 

The family from Melbourne’s Meadow Heights who won $27.9 million with the Oz Lotto entry they purchased from have endeavoured to keep level heads following the win. 

“We’ve achieved everything we planned to so far. We set our children up with their own properties and have just built our dream home which we’ll stay in for the rest of our lives,” the winning mother said. 

“The win was certainly life-changing, but it can also be challenging. You have to make sure it doesn’t change who you are.

“We’ve strived to retain a sense of normalcy in our lives. So although we’ve been able to buy our children their own homes, we did that on the condition they continued to work to build their own careers – they won’t be handed everything. 

“We have an investment portfolio and financial advisors take care of everything now,” the winner added. 

While tomorrow everyone will be hoping to pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup, tomorrow night Oz Lotto players may pick up the $5 million jackpot. How would you like to win a truckload of cash?