Denver v Pittsburgh NFL Week 1

Image courtesy of Justin Edmonds/Getty Images
Denver snuck home against Pittsburgh in an overtime thriller in the last post-season, but the landscape has changed markedly since then.

Future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, returns to the football field after missing all of last season due to neck surgery, and for the first time he’ll be seen in a Broncos rather than Colts uniform.  Tim Tebow is yesterday’s news, having moved to the Jets in the off-season, and the Broncs are undoubtedly now Manning’s team.

Manning excelled in the thin air of Denver in his two most recent visits with the Colts.  In 2006 he threw for 345 yards and three touchdowns, then followed that up in 2010 with a 325-yard game and another three TDs.  What his production levels will be like after a year out of the game, though, is anyone’s guess.

One thing that is for sure is that he won’t have it all his own way against a Steelers defence which was the stingiest in the NFL last year, allowing just 272 yards per game in compiling a 12-4 record.  Ben Roethlisberger threw for 289 yards, as well as a TD and interception in the playoff game at Invesco Field.

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