Canberra woman scores $100,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket

Monday 20 August 2012 - A recently retired Canberra woman is celebrating her good fortune after scratching a $100,000 top prize on a $5 Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The winner, a retired hospitality worker, said that the money would come in very handy for her retirement.

“I buy $5 Instant Scratch-Its Crosswords tickets all of the time and have had a few small wins. I like that it take a bit of time to scratch the ticket. When I saw the $100,000 prize I thought I’d made a mistake,” the winner laughed.

“I checked the ticket about half a dozen times and then took it back to the newsagency to have it checked. When they told me I had won a big prize I just burst into tears,” the winner added.

Although the Instant Scratch-Its winner said that she would have to think about what to do with her winnings she has a few ideas of how she will spend the money.

“I have a few bills to pay and considering I’ve just retired the money will come in very handy. I’d also like to take a holiday,” the woman said.

Canberra’s $100,000 winner scored the top prize on a $5 Crosswords ticket.