Store Syndicate members in Preston share in $1.5 million!

Tuesday 10 July, 2012 - Members of a Store Syndicate in Preston won a total of $1.54 million in Saturday’s TattsLotto draw!

The 32-share Store Syndicate is operated by Town Hall TattsLotto owner Pan Lee, who said even he couldn’t believe the size of the win.

“This syndicate has been running for a couple of years and places a TattsLotto entry every week,” Mr Lee said.

“They always seem to win smaller prizes in the second division, but they’ve finally won the big one!”

Mr Lee said that the members of the Store Syndicate had remained the same since it was established.

“Every share won $48,193.93, and some members had purchased more than one share, so there are 24 very happy winners,” Mr Lee said.

“I actually waited until the results came out after the draw on Saturday night and I was so excited that they’d won that I immediately called all of the members to tell them!

“Some of them thought I had made a mistake at first, but they were all very happy to hear from me.

“They don’t all know what they’ll do with the money yet.

“Most members said they’ll pay off their debt or use the prize money as a house deposit.”

The Store Syndicate is operated by Town Hall TattsLotto at 403 High Street in Preston.

There were three division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3231 on 7 July 2012, with two in Victoria and one in Western Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3231 were 38, 2, 21, 31, 37 and 15 with the supplementary numbers 6 and 29. There were also 46 division two winners who took home $12,501.05 each.