Check your Gold Lotto tickets - You could be one of three Queenslanders who woke up $1.25 million richer!

Sunday 1 July, 2012 - Three Queensland residents, one each in Goondiwindi, Toowoomba and Highfields, are starting the new financial year $1,250,000 richer, but chances are they don’t all yet know it.

Golden Casket is waiting for the holders of two unregistered division one winning entries from last night’s $30 million Mid-year Megadraw purchased in Toowoomba and Highfields to contact Golden Casket to claim their prize.

Golden Casket Public Relations Executive Zoe Knobel said it’s possible the winners are walking around with the winning tickets in their wallet or handbag, completely unaware of their new millionaire status.

“The entries were not registered to a Winners Circle card, so we have no way of contacting the winners to tell them the amazing news,” Ms Knobel said.

“If you purchased an entry in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $30 million Mid-year Megadraw draw 3229 from The Lucky Charm Toowoomba in Kmart Plaza or Plaza Circle News in Highfields Plaza Shopping Centre we urge you to have your ticket checked at a Golden Casket outlet or online as soon as possible.

“Check your wallet, pockets, bags and glove box because you could be starting the new financial year as as one of the country’s newest millionaires!”

A first division winner who purchased their entry from NewsXpress Bishops Goodiwindi had registered their ticket to a Winners Circle card, but Golden Casket has been unable to contact them with news of their Gold Lotto windfall.

“In this case, it’s possible the winner has not kept their contact details on their Winners Circle card up-todate in order for Golden Casket to call them with the good news,” Ms Knobel said.

“Registering all of your Golden Casket lottery purchases to your Winners Circle card not only ensures you will be personally contacted with news of a big win, you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will never miss out on a prize.”

Throughout Australia 24 winners shared the $30 million division one prize pool in last night’s Saturday Gold Lotto Mid-year Megadraw. Along with three winning tickets sold in Queensland, nine were sold in Victoria, six in New South Wales, four in South Australia and two in Western Australia.

The winning numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3229 were 40, 37, 30, 33, 32 and 8 with the supplementary numbers 14 and 34. There were also 227 division two winners who took home $8,548.70 each.