Mystery Bairnsdale Powerball winner yet to claim $10 million!

Friday 8 June, 2012 - Someone who purchased their entry in last night’s Powerball draw 838 in Bairnsdale started the day as a multi-millionaire this morning but might not even know it yet.

Tatts is waiting for the holder of a registered division one winning entry from last night’s Powerball draw to come forward and claim their $10 million prize!

Tatts Public Relations Executive Zoe Knobel said it’s possible the winner is walking around with the winning ticket burning a $10 million hole in their pocket.

“It’s great that the entry was registered to a Tatts Card, but we have yet to get in touch with the winner to share the good news as their contact details were not up-to-date,” Ms Knobel said.

“If you purchased an entry in Powerball draw 838 from Scott’s Lotto on Service Street in Bairnsdale, we urge you to have it checked at a Tatts outlet or online as soon as possible.

“You could be the multi-millionaire we’re looking for!”

Staff member of Scott’s Lotto, Betty Drinkwater, said the outlet was very excited about selling the winning ticket in last night’s draw.

“We’ve just been saying to one another how happy we are for the winner and that we hope they will come in and see us to have their ticket checked soon,” she said.

“We really hope the money has gone to one of our friendly regulars!”

Ms Knobel said the win was a great reminder for people to update their Tatts Card details.

“Particularly if you’re a regular Tatts player, it’s important to check that the contact details on your Tatts Card are up-to-date so we can call you if you win!”

The Bairnsdale player was the sole winner nationally in last night’s Powerball draw 838. The winning numbers were 3, 24, 10, 26 and 16 and the Powerball was 19. There were also 18 division two winners who took home $64,236.85 each.