A share in Saturday Gold Lotto's $30 million Mid-Year Megadraw could make your dreams come true!

Thursday 28 June, 2012 - With a chance to share in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $30 million mid-year Megadraw, this could be the week your dreams come true.

Golden Casket spokesperson Zoe Knobel said that most winners have thought about how they would spend a big win before it ever happens.

“The majority of winners have at least one or two financial desires they have dreamed of fulfilling with a life-enhancing Gold Lotto win,” Ms Knobel said.

“The most frequent things winners tell me they will do with their winnings are to pay off their mortgage or buy a home, pay off debt and take an international holiday. Everyone has day-dreamed about winning Gold Lotto at some point,” said Ms Knobel.

Two of the biggest financial worries most Australians face are personal debt and mortgage repayments.

“According to The Reserve Bank of Australia the average credit card balance was $3,333 in November 2011 with the current median mortgage payment in Australia being $1,800 per month[1],” Ms Knobel added.

“Everyone dreams of a debt free life and purchasing a ticket in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $30 million mid-year Megadraw could lead to that dream coming true.”

The Saturday Gold Lotto $30 million mid-year Megadraw will be aired on Channel Seven at approximately 8.40pm on Saturday 30 June. The winning numbers will also be made available on the Golden Casket website following the draw.

[1] Source 2011 Australian Census data