Young Brisbane man wins $250,000 on $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket!

Friday 1 June, 2012 - A Brisbane man will fulfil his life-long dream after winning the top prize of $250,000 on a $5 Deal or No Deal Instant Scratch-Its ticket today!

The man in his 20s said he still couldn’t believe he’d won a quarter of a million dollars, even as he held both the winning ticket and a Golden Casket cheque for $250,000 in his hands.

He explained that the ticket was a spur of the moment purchase from Target Newsagency in Centro Buranda shopping centre on Ipswich Road.

“I had just knocked off work and thought I’d buy a ticket on my way home,” he said.

“I picked that one because I was actually watching ‘Deal or No Deal’ on TV last night and having a laugh at the way some of the contestants scream when they win a prize".

“It’s pretty funny that I’ve just won $250,000 on a Deal or No Deal Instant Scratch-Its ticket when the top prize on the TV show is only $200,000!” he exclaimed.

The young man said the money will allow him to pursue a dream he’s been chasing for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve always wanted to own and run my own restaurant, so lately I’ve been working up to 70 hours a week to save money so I can buy one".

“Now that I’ve won this money, I can do that right away. I won’t be spending it on anything like holidays or fancy cars – it will all go straight into my business".

“I can’t blow the money because this kind of thing will probably never happen to me again – I know how lucky I am.”