News of $1 million win sets Hurlstone Park mans heart racing!

Thursday 17 May - After receiving news of his $1 million division one win in Wednesday Lotto, a Hurlstone Park man claimed his heart was racing from the shock!

“My heart started racing the moment I saw the six winning numbers on my ticket, it’s such a shock to the system,” the winner in his mid-fifties said.

“I always thought that if I had a big win I would buy a house. I’ll wait until the money is in the bank before I make a move. I will give the future some serious consideration now that it looks so different.”

The winner, a regular Lotto player, picked his winning numbers more than 15 years ago, they include family birth dates and other significant dates.

Hurlstone Park’s $1 million winner purchased his 14 game winning entry from Hurlstone Park Newsagency at 12 Crinan Street Hurlstone Park.

When asked if he plans to celebrate his good fortune the winner said a holiday may be on the cards.

“I will definitely consider an overseas trip,” the winner said.

The winning numbers in Wednesday Lotto, draw 3139 were 31, 23, 21, 15, 24 and 32. The supplementary numbers were 33 and 34.