Blacktown man plans how he will spend $1 Million Lotto win

Wednesday 8 February - A Blacktown Defence Forces retiree has become a millionaire after winning the entire $1 million division one prize in Monday’s Lotto draw.

The unregistered winner discovered his good fortune when reading the paper on Tuesday morning.

“I looked up the numbers and checked my ticket, it was a bit of a shock to see the six winning numbers on my ticket,” the man in his late seventies said.

“I always buy two 18 game Monday Lotto tickets and give one to my wife. Everytime I buy a ticket I hope it will be a winner. I’m always joking with the girls at the newsagency to give me a winning ticket for a change, and this time they did,” the grandfather laughed.

“I’ve worked hard in the Defence Forces so it’s time for a rest. I’ve spent a lot of time overseas so it’s great to be settled back in Australia.

“I’d like to use the money to buy a four-wheel-drive. My wife has plans too; she would like to renovate the house. We’ll also give some of the win to our children.

“We’re trying to take this news in our stride but it’s a big shock,” the winner laughed.

The winning 18 game Megapick ticket cost $8.00 and was purchased from Hills Centre Newsagency in Seven Hills.

The winner scored the entire $1 million division one prize in Monday Lotto, draw 3110.

The winning numbers were 35, 38, 10, 3, 13 and 44. The supplementary numbers were 12 and 5.