NSW Lotteries offers more than $46 Million this week

Monday 6 February - This week NSW Lotteries is offering players more than $46 million in first division and jackpot prizes – making it the biggest week of lottery prize offers to date in 2012.

Following last week’s big $30 million Powerball jackpot prize going to a couple in Brisbane’s south, NSW lottery players can still win big with a number of large division one prizes up for grabs this week.

Saturday will be the biggest day of the week with a hot $20 million on offer in the Saturday Lotto February Superdraw.

Other prizes on offer this week include a $10 million OZ Lotto jackpot, a guaranteed $1 million in both Monday and Wednesday Lotto, $7.745 million in the $2 jackpot Lottery, $2.88 million in the $5 jackpot Lottery, $3 million in Powerball, $1.08 million in Lotto Strike and $130,000 in 6 From 38 Pools.

NSW Lotteries Communications Executive, Una O’Neill said that a big win this week could turn several lucky players’ lives around.

“Many of our winners report that the biggest life-change following a windfall is realising that they need never worry about mounting bills again,” Ms O’Neill said.

“I have spoken to people who have won up to $40 million; winners frequently site financial freedom as the biggest life-change they experience following a windfall in a lotto style game.

“Hopefully this week, with so many big prizes on offer, more NSW players will get to enjoy that winning experience,” Ms O’Neill said.

In 2011, NSW Lotteries more than 125 lottery winners became millionaires.

Ms O’Neill also offered some valuable advice to lottery players taking part in this week’s big draws.

“When purchasing lottery tickets our best advice is to register them to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card. It is an important step that will protect players from missing out on prizes and also should they win one of the big prizes on offer this week, NSW Lotteries officials will contact them personally to advise them of their good fortune.”