Saturday Jackpot Information

Punters can get stuck into a wide range of carryover pools today, highlighted by a $79,156 jackpot for the FIRST FOUR in the Rubiton Stakes (MR7) at Caulfield. At the same venue, there is also a $1,089 jackpot for the EXTRA DOUBLE, encompassing the Carlyon Cup (MR4) and the Autumn Stakes (MR5).

If that isn’t enough to make you try your luck on the exotics, there is also a range of bonus pools on the evening’s harness racing. The opening event at Albion Park (BT1) has a $30,000 TRIFECTA jackpot, while the second (BT2) has a $5,661 jackpot for the ANY2. Albion Park also has a $1,172 DAILY DOUBLE jackpot across BT4 & BT5.

The opener at Globe Derby (AT1) carries a $10,000 TRIFECTA jackpot, while the feature event at Menangle, the NSW Sapling Stakes (ST6) has a $2,000 FIRST FOUR carryover pool.

With a healthy bonus in the pool already, why not have a go?

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