$100,000 prize scratched on Scottsdale ticket!

Friday 30 November, 2012 - A $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket purchased in Scottsdale has won its owner the top prize of $100,000!

The winning ticket was purchased from Rose’s Newsagency, 12 King Street in Scottsdale.

Newsagency owners Sonya Smith and Graeme Woods are excited one of their customers took out the major prize in town after purchasing a $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket, as so many locals do.

“We’ve only owned the shop for 12-months so this is good news for our customers and our business,” said Ms Smith.

“A big win is great for the area, as there’s been quite an economic downturn lately.

“It’s also a good reminder to people that these sorts of things actually do happen in small towns,” she added.

“You have just as good a chance of winning here in Scottsdale as you do anywhere else.”

The owner said she was sure the prize would come at a welcome time for the winner.

“At any time of year you’d appreciate winning $100,000, but it will certainly come in handy before Christmas,” Ms Smith said.

“I think it’s really given people a boost just knowing it could happen to them too.”

Golden Casket has spoken with the winner who has chosen to remain anonymous.