Airport workers share $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its windfall

23 November 2012 - A group of five airport workers received a gift of a NSW Lotteries gift pack from an ex-colleague that lead to a $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its windfall.

The group leader visited NSW Lotteries head office to claim the prize this afternoon; he was unaware of the size of the prize for three weeks.

“I scratched the ticket three weeks ago and thought we had only won $50, it wasn’t until I went to claim the prize today that I was told we had actually won the $100,000 top prize. I’ve worked out that I didn’t scratch the ticket properly!” the shocked airport worked exclaimed.

“I was a bit sceptic to be honest, I didn’t want to let myself get excited until the win was confirmed by NSW Lotteries,” the winner said shortly after receiving the $100,000 cheque.

“I’m going to wait until all of the guys are in the office tomorrow morning so I can break the news to everyone at once, they probably won’t believe me,” the winner laughed.

“My wife and I have been saving for a house and a holiday so my share of the prize has come at a really good time,” the father-of-three said.

The group won the $100,000 top prize on a $5 Crosswords ticket. The winning ticket was sold by Glenfield Newsagency at Railway Parade, Glenfield.