Parramatta Lotto winner comes forward eight weeks after draw

Wednesday 31 October 2012 - A western Sydney woman is thanking her lucky stars that she checked a Saturday Lotto ticket that had been sitting at the bottom of her handbag for eight weeks, the crumpled ticket held a $427,381.14 division one prize.

The winner said that buying her entry in yesterday’s Oz Lotto’s $70 million draw prompted her to check her old tickets.

“This ticket and a few others have been sitting at the bottom of my handbag for weeks, as I was buying a ticket in Oz Lotto’s $70 million draw I thought I would check my old tickets at the same time,” the mother of three said.

“The lady at the counter told me there was a prize on this one and to contact NSW Lotteries about it.

“I got online and checked my numbers and then got a friend to help me check. I even got my friend to sit with me when I called NSW Lotteries, I was so nervous,” the woman in her late thirties added.

“I was shaking and hugging myself when I found out how much money I had won. Honestly, these things don’t happen to people like me.

“I’m not going to make any big decisions just yet but I can tell you that this win has come at a good time. We’ve done the hard yards and this is a great opportunity for our future,” the winner, an office-worker, added.

The winning 50 game Maxi QuickPick entry was purchased from Dallas Newsagency at 162-172 Church Street, Parramatta in the Saturday Lotto draw, which took place on 25 August. Ten winners across Australia shared the $4 million division one prize in Saturday Lotto, draw 3245.

As the winner did not register her winning entry to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card, NSW Lotteries were unable to contact the winner to inform her of her windfall.

NSW Lotteries Communications Executive, Una O’Neill reminds players of the benefit of registering lotto entries.

“By registering your entry not only do you ensure that you will never miss out on a prize, but we can contact you with news of a division one win.

“Had this winner registered her entry she would have received a phone call from NSW Lotteries about her win and avoided waiting eight weeks to find out about her good fortune,” Ms O’Neill said.

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