Powerball's $40 million jackpot tonight

Thursday 4 October, 2012 - Tonight, Powerball is offering a huge $40 million division one jackpot prize pool.

Five Victorians have already become multi-millionaires in 2012 thanks to Powerball.

So far this year multi-million dollar Powerball jackpots have gone to winners in Melbourne, Geelong, Gladstone Park, Bairnsdale and Campbellfield.

The most frequently drawn Powerballs[1] in the history of the game are 24 and 32, which have each been selected 27 times since the game launched in 1996.

Tatts Public Relations Executive Zoe Knobel said that purchasing a PowerHit entry guarantees that you will have the Powerball selected in tonight’s $40 million jackpot.

“A PowerHit entry automatically selects all 45 Powerball numbers to guarantee that you will have whatever Powerball gets drawn,” Ms Knobel said.

“If the division one jackpot prize pool isn’t won, Powerball will offer $50 million in next Thursday’s draw,” Ms Knobel added.

The $40 million Powerball prize is not the only big jackpot on offer in the coming days; Oz Lotto has a $20 million jackpot prize on offer this Tuesday, 9 October.

[1] There are forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which five winning numbers are randomly selected. A sixth ball, the "Powerball", is then drawn from a separate machine containing another forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45.