NFL Wildcard Playoffs

The Denver Broncos host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last of this year’s wildcard playoffs, hoping to put an end to an untimely run of three straight defeats. The Broncos limped into the post season with star quarterback Tim Tebow struggling to make the impact that he was having on matches earlier in the season. To make matters worse for the AFC West Champs, they have several key players suffering with injury and also have to take on the league best defence.

The Steelers have conceded only three touchdowns in their past six matches and have won four of their past five matches, including the last two. Pittsburgh also has the advantage of being playoff veterans, having won the AFC Championship last year, while Denver hasn’t played in the postseason since 2006.

In the day’s earlier match, NFC East champions New York Giants #QL_SS#902884;260963 welcome the Atlanta Falcons #QL_SS#902884;260963 to MetLife Stadium, where the teams will meet in the playoffs for the first time. 

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