North Hobart man claims $968,750.00 TattsLotto Megadraw win!

Tuesday 3 January, 2012 - A North Hobart man has had a wonderful start to 2012, after finding out he won a division one prize worth $968,750 in TattsLotto’s $31 Million New Year’s Eve Megadraw.

The man said he realised he had won when he checked the draw results in the Sunday paper.

“I had my ticket in front of me and was checking off the numbers, one by one, against the draw results listed in the paper,” he explained.

“When I realised I had checked off all six numbers in game one of my 24 game QuickPick, I couldn’t quite believe it!

“I don’t play TattsLotto every week, only now and then when I think of buying an entry.“What a great start to 2012!”

When asked how he plans to use the prize money, the man said he would pay off his mortgage, help his extended family and lock the rest away in savings.

“I’ll take my time to think long and hard about what to do with the rest of the prize money; there’s no rush.”

The man purchased his division one winning QuickPick from Winnings News and Lotto in central Hobart. Garry Martin from Winnings News & Lotto said it was great to see a big win claimed by someone in North Hobart.

“I wish the lucky winner all the very best,” he said.

There were 32 division one winning entries nationally in last night’s TattsLotto Megadraw.

There were eight division one winners in Queensland, ten in Western Australia, five each in New South Wales and Victoria, three in South Australia and one in Tasmania.

The winning numbers were 7, 8, 28, 33, 38 and 41. The supplementary numbers were 4 and 37.