It's a very happy new year for 32 Lotto Winners

Sunday 1 January - It is a very happy New Year for the 32 Lotto players who shared last night’s massive $31 million New Year’s Eve Megadraw prize, each winning a $968,750.00 share of the division one prize pool.

Five of the 32 winning tickets were sold in NSW, one each in Dee Why, Blacktown, Warilla and Dubbo.

One winning entry was a ten share syndicate sold in Wareemba. Each syndicate shareholder scored $99,668.93.

Dee Why - “dream tax” leads to big win for a Narraweena father
A Narraweena man was woken this morning by a phone call from a NSW Lotteries official, advising him of his $968,750.00 win.

The shocked father-of-one said that he refers to his occasional Lotto purchases as his “dream tax”.

“Oh my God,” the winner said as he reacted emotionally to the good news.

“I call my Lotto tickets a dream tax. I bought this ticket a week ago and I only play occasionally, I would say I only bought about five tickets last year,” the winner said.

“This will make a big difference, everything will be easier,” the winner added.

The Narraweena man purchased his winning 36 game Megapick ticket from Grand Plaza Newsagency at Dee Why Grand Plaza, Dee Why. The winning ticket cost $23.90.

Blacktown – beach house is on the cards for Grafton man
A man from the Grafton area came forward to claim his division one share in the New Year’s Eve $31 million Megadraw this morning.

The winner, who discovered his good fortune during his weekly trip to buy the Sunday papers, said that winning Lotto was a great way to start the year.

“What a great way to start 2012!,” the winner exclaimed.

“I come to buy my newspaper and check my ticket every Sunday morning; I got quite a shock when I was told I’d won.

“I’m going to move closer to the beach, I love being close to the sea,” the Grafton man in his sixties said.

“I’ve been saving for a European holiday, so now I can go a bit earlier than I expected,” the winner added.

The Grafton man won a share in the $31 million division one prize pool plus a divisional prize amounting to a grand total of $968,763.30.

The winner purchased his six game winning ticket from BK Newswest at Westpoint, 17 Patrick Street, Blacktown. The winning ticket cost just $4.05.

Warilla – Lotto win is life changing experience for Windang pensioner
A Windang man, who discovered his $968,750.00 win while reading his Sunday morning newspaper, claims his wife nearly fainted when she heard the good news.

“I bought the paper this morning and checked my numbers like I do every Sunday. I couldn’t believe it, my wife nearly fainted when I told her,” the winner laughed.

“I have no idea what I’ll do just yet. We’ll go on a nice holiday for sure, something we haven’t been able to afford to do.

“I feel really emotional right now; this is a life changing experience. Yesterday I thought 2012 would be just another year but that has all changed now,” the winner in his early seventies added.

Windang’s winner purchased his winning 18 game Megapick from Grove Cards and Gifts, Warilla Grove Shopping Centre, Warilla. The winning ticket cost $12.00.

Dubbo – mystery winner yet to claim New Year Lotto win
NSW Lotteries is encouraging Dubbo players who purchased a ticket in Lotto’s $31 million New Year’s Eve Megadraw from Orana Mall Newsagency to check their tickets as soon as possible. A Dubbo player has won a $968,750.00 share in the big $31 million division one prize.

As the ticket is not registered to a NSW Lotteries Players Club card, NSW Lotteries officials have no way of contacting the winner.

NSW Lotteries Communications Executive Una O’Neill said that the winner may not even be aware of their good fortune.

“Someone in Dubbo will have an extra reason to celebrate the New Year when they discover they have won $968,750,” Ms O’Neill said.

“We encourage everyone in the area to check their Megadraw tickets as soon as possible and hope that the winner will come forward to claim their prize in the very near future,” Ms O’Neill added.

Wareemba – ten share syndicate shares New Year Cheer with Megadraw win
A ten share syndicate sold from Wareemba Newsagency at 276 Great North Road, Wareemba has won a $968,750.00 share in the massive $31 million division one prize pool plus additional divisional prizes in Lotto’s New Year’s Eve Megadraw.

Each syndicate shareholder will receive $99,668.93.

Nationally 32 winners shared the $31 million division one prize pool in the Lotto New Year’s Eve Megadraw. Ten winning entries were sold in Western Australia, eight in Queensland, five each in NSW and Victoria, three in South Australia and one in Tasmania.

The winning numbers in Lotto’s $31 million New Year’s Eve Megadraw, draw 3177 were 28, 33, 38, 41, 7 and 8. With the supplementary numbers 4 and 37.

NSW Lotteries is still looking for one of the 19 lucky winners in the 2010 New Year’s Eve $31 million Megadraw. The winning $1.6 million ticket was purchased from NewsXpress at Castle Towers in the Sydney suburb of Castle Hill and remains unclaimed.