How to Self-Exclude

The process is similar to that involved in self-exclusion from one of our retail outlets and effectively prevents members who wish to self-exclude from being able to use their registered internet account.

Free, private and confidential help is available through the Gambling Help Service. The TOTE can put you in touch with the Gambling Help Service in your area or you can call the national Gambling Help Line directly on 1800 858 858. For contact details go to the Contact page and select the relevant location tab.

The Process

Self-exclusion involves the submission of a Self Exclusion Notice which is able to be completed online.

Members considering self-exclusion should carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in the Self Exclusion. If you agree to these conditions and would like to continue with self-exclusion, complete the details at the bottom of the page and press Submit.

Your completed Self Exclusion Notice will then be submitted and your registered account will be de-activated immediately. The self-exclusion remains in force for the exclusion period (which must be a minimum of 6 months) stated in your Self Exclusion Notice.

To revoke your self-exclusion you must make a written request to The TOTE. This written request should be directed to Customer Support. The TOTE does not warrant that it will allow you to re-commence wagering activities with it.

Please read and agree:

Customer Confirmation

I wish to self-exclude from The TOTE account betting and understand my rights and responsibilities, including that:

  • My account will be suspended for at least six months from the date that The TOTE receives this notice
  • My account will not be enabled until I complete and forward a Self-Exclusion Revocation Notice to The TOTE
  • I will receive a confirmation letter from The TOTE advising how I can access any remaining funds in my account, any outstanding bets, what happens if my account is inactive for 2 years and what happens if I haven’t completed the identity verification process for my account.
  • Furthermore, I declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct


By clicking on the "Acceptance" button: