How to Self-Exclude

The process is similar to that involved in self-exclusion from one of our retail outlets and effectively prevents members who wish to self-exclude from being able to use their registered internet account.

Free, private and confidential help is available through the Gambling Help Service. Tatts Bet's trained Customer Liaison Officer can put you in touch with the Gambling Help Service in your area or you can call the national Gambling Help Line directly on 1800 858 858. For contact details of the Customer Liaison Officer in your location, go to the Contact page and select the relevant location tab.

The Process

Self-exclusion involves the submission of a Self Exclusion Notice which is able to be completed online. If you submit a Self Exclusion Notice, we will give you a Self Exclusion Order which prohibits you from taking part in approved wagering through the TattsBet website.

Members considering Self-Exclusion should carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in the Notice and Order. If you agree to these conditions and would like to continue with Self-Exclusion, complete the details at the bottom of the page and press Submit.

Your completed Self Exclusion Notice will then be submitted and your registered account will be de-activated immediately. We will promptly provide you with a Self Exclusion Order which is effective as soon as it is received by you. The Order remains in force for 5 years or until a Revocation Notice given by you to us takes effect.

To revoke a Self Exclusion Order, you must submit a Revocation Notice to us within 24 hours of receiving an Order from us. Otherwise, to revoke a Self Exclusion Order, you may only submit a Revocation Notice after 1 year of receiving a Self Exclusion Order. The Revocation Notice takes effect 28 days after we receive your Revocation Notice. If we receive a Revocation Notice from you before the expiry of 1 year from the date of your Self Exclusion Order, it will not be accepted by us.

Please read and agree:


I undertake that during the period of self-exclusion I will:

  • Consider myself an excluded person; and
  • Abide by the obligations as stated in the Order; and
  • Not enter the TattsBet website and will not attempt to enter under false pretences or using false information.


  1. I authorise TattsBet, its employees, agents and authorised representatives during the period of self-exclusion to take such action as they deem necessary to prevent my entry into the TattsBet website;
  2. I understand that if I contravene the Order, I may incur a maximum penalty of $4,000 under section 216H of the Wagering Act 1999 Qld...


By clicking on the "Acceptance" button: