Tatts.com General Help

Tatts.com is the new home of Tatts Group’s lotto, sport and racing services. Created to provide our customers with a convenient and comprehensive experience, Tatts.com combines all of your favourite products and services on one website, with a single account. 


For more information about this, please visit our About Us page.


For your convenience, we have we outlined answers for a number of common questions that have arisen since the upgrade to Tatts.com:



How do I login?

Looking at the navigation bar at the very top of Tatts.com you will see a set of links to news, racing, sports and lotto. On the right side of this navigation bar are the login fields.

New Tatts.com members can log in with their e-mail address, while legacy customers can still login with their member ID, account number or Winners Circle Card number:


Golden Casket members

- Old Golden Casket members, please logon using your Winners Circle Card number
- New members (joined since October 4), please use your registered email address


Tatts Lottery members

- Old Tatts online members use old member id
- New members (joined since October 4), please use your registered email address


TattsBet members

- Old TattsBet members, please use your old account number
- New members (joined since October 4), please use your registered email address



How do I deposit funds?

You can deposit funds via your new centralised account area at Tatts.com. You can visit the deposit funds page by logging in and browsing to Tatts.com/account. In the horizontal menu there you will find "Deposit Funds"  listed for selection.



Where do I find my transaction and/or ticket history?

Your activity history can now be found within a centralised account area at Tatts.com. You can visit these by logging in and browsing to Tatts.com/account

In the horizontal menu there you will find "Transaction History" and "Ticket History" listed for selection.

Once at your ticket or transaction history page, please ensure the correct "Product" is selected from within that filter drop-down. For example, TattsBet history will only be displayed if you have selected "Wagering" from that product list.



How do I find my lottery favourites?

To buy a predefined favourite, first navigate to the purchase page by clicking "Buy Lotto" in the lottery navigation bar. Once at the purchase page, in the left column beneath the available games you will see a "Favourites" button for selection.



How do I use two different browser windows showing Tatts.com open at the same time and stay logged in on both windows?

1. Open your preferred browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox), navigate to Tatts.com and login.
2. Press Ctrl+N.
3. A totally separate instance of your preferred browser will open.
4. You are already logged in.
5. Place your browser windows where required so both are visible.
6. As long as you are using the same browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox), you will stay logged in to both.

You can also have more than one tab of Tatts.com open in the browser, (but that doesn’t provide the flexibility of two separate windows).

For security reasons, what you can’t do is have two different browsers (e.g IE and Firefox) logged in to Tatts.com at the same time.


How do I run Netbet Pro and view the form guide in Tatts.com/Racing?

Open your preferred browser and login to Tatts.com, then open Netbet Pro (or your own application that uses this facility) and login to TattsBet.

You will be logged out of the browser session, but form guide will be available for the next 30 days.