faq - Gold Lotto

What is Gold Lotto?

Gold Lotto is the original Lotto game in Queensland. Saturday Gold Lotto is Queensland's most popular game and has been making dreams come true since 1981. Wednesday Gold Lotto was introduced in May 1996 and gives players a mid-week chance to win Gold Lotto. From October 21, 2013 Monday Gold Lotto has also been introduced.

What are the draw close times for Gold Lotto?

Saturday Gold Lotto draws close each Saturday at 7.30pm (or Saturday 6:30 pm during Daylight Savings).

Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto draws close each Wednesday at 7.30pm (or 6:30 pm during Daylight Savings).

Do I need to watch the Gold Lotto draw to win?

No, you do not need to watch the draw to win.

Does Gold Lotto jackpot?

Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto does not jackpot. Saturday Gold Lotto has the potential to jackpot if there are no First Division prize winners for the draw. However, there are usually First Division winners each week so the game rarely jackpots.

How do I play a system entry in Gold Lotto?

Information on playing a system entry can be found in the Gold Lotto How to Play page within this website.

How do I play a "Pick" entry on Gold Lotto?

Information on playing a "Pick" entry can be found in the Gold Lotto How to Play page within this website.

What are Gold Lotto Superdraws and Megadraws?

On a number of special occasions throughout the year, Gold Lotto offers an extraordinarily large First Division prize. These special events are called Superdraws and Megadraws. In the past, First Division prizes for Superdraws have ranged from $18 million to $32 million.

Do I need to pay tax on my winnings?

No. As with all Golden Casket products, prizes are tax-free.

I live interstate & have won a prize. How can I claim my prize?

In order to claim your prize, you will need to write a brief letter which includes your return postal address and contact phone number. Attach your winning ticket (ensuring you have kept a copy) to this letter and mail by either security post or certified mail to:

Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Limited
Locked Bag 7
Once this information has been processed, we will forward you the prize amount in the form of a cheque.


Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto

Is Golden Casket introducing a Monday Gold Lotto game?

Yes - Golden Casket is always looking for ways it can provide customers with new and exciting products and enhancements across all games. As a result, Golden Casket is introducing Gold Lotto to Mondays from 21 October 2013 with entries on sale now. The introduction of Monday Gold Lotto will mean customers will be able to play for the chance to win up to $1 million in Gold Lotto three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

How will it work?

The existing Wednesday Gold Lotto game has been enhanced to become ‘Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto’ with the first draw scheduled for Monday 21 October. The Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto game will have a new and exciting Division 6 – offering customers more chances to win. Players will now have a chance to win a guaranteed $1 million prize for up to four (4) winners on Monday and Wednesday. If there are more than four (4) division one winners, the first division one prize will be equally shared amongst the winners.

Does the Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto game guarantee a First Division prize?

Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto guarantees $1 million each for up to four First Division winners each week. If there are one, two, three or four First Division winners, they will each receive $1 million. If there are more than four winners, they will then share in a prize pool of $4 million.

Will there be a Division 6 in the new Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto?

Yes – Division 6 will be introduced to both the Monday and Wednesday game from Monday October 21. To win Division 6, customers will need to match one (1) or two (2) winning numbers with two (2) supplementary numbers.

Can I watch the Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw on TV?

The full draws will not be aired on TV however the Lotto draw numbers will come across the screen on Monday & Wednesday nights.